Employment Opportunities

Mission: UAS Human Resources supports the mission of University Auxiliary Services, Inc. by providing quality services for employment, compensation, benefits, training and employee relations, in a timely and professional manner. Our department provides guidance to UAS employees and others by staying current with changing labor issues and regulations, and is committed to personalized service and balancing the needs of UAS with fair and equitable treatment of its employees.

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Job Openings
Employment List

Executive Director, University Auxiliary Services (AJE)

Office Manager, UAS 1554 (AJE)

Instructional Student Assistant, UAS 1553

Program Coordinator, UAS 1552 (AJE)

Preparator II, UAS 1550 (AJE)

Cashier, UAS 1549 (AJE)

Dishwasher, UAS 1548 (AJE)

Mobile Food Cart Coordinator, UAS 1547 (AJE)

Facility Manager, UAS 1546 (AJE)

Gallery Attendant, UAS 1545 (AJE)

Gait Trainer, UAS1544 (AJE)

Grants and Contracts Financial Analyst, UAS 1542 Revised (AJE)

Research Assistant, UAS 1541 (AJE)

UCCF Field Education Clerk, UAS 1540 (AJE)

Student Assistant, UAS1538
Mobility Center Trainer, UAS1537 (AJE)
Mobility Center Senior Trainer, UAS1531 (AJE)
Civic University Analyst, UAS1530 PBI-AJE

Graduate Student Assistant, UAS1528

Student Assistant, UAS1523 (AJE)
Usher, UAS1513

Administrative Support Assistant I, UAS1493