"Perspectives: Volume 50" places second place in the esteemed 2023 Gerald D. Nash History Graduate Journal competition.

Cover of the Perspectives Vol. 50 Cover.


California State University, Los Angeles's student-run journal "Perspectives: Volume 50" has been awarded second place in the esteemed 2023 Gerald D. Nash History Graduate Journal competition. This honor is bestowed by the Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society and recognizes the exceptional work of graduate history journals nationwide.

"Perspectives," a product of the Cal State LA History Department and the Eta Xi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, showcases upper-division students' rigorous primary source research. The journal is a testament to the high-caliber scholarship and editorial skills fostered through the HIST 4970 course, guided by Dr. Pfleger. This course emphasizes the importance of thorough research and critical analysis in historical scholarship.

Volume 50 of "Perspectives," published both in print and electronically, is a culmination of dedicated efforts by both undergraduate and graduate students. These students, as members of the Eta Xi Chapter, have contributed significantly to the journal's success through their diligent work in editing and publishing. The journal’s publication each spring, following submissions at the end of every fall semester, has become a much-anticipated event in the academic calendar.

The editors of Volume 50 have been particularly commended for their commitment to ensuring that the journal's articles, special features, and book reviews provide relevant scholarship and contribute to meaningful discussions among the diverse student body of Cal State LA. The content of "Perspectives" reflects a deep understanding of historical contexts and a keen insight into contemporary implications, setting it apart in the field of historical publications.

The recognition at the Gerald D. Nash History Graduate Journal competition signifies the continued relevance and impact of "Perspectives" in the academic world, particularly in the field of history.

Cal State LA and the Eta Xi Chapter take pride in this accolade, viewing it as a reflection of their students' hard work and scholarly dedication. This award serves not only as a milestone for "Perspectives" but also as an inspiration for future volumes and the aspiring historians who will contribute to them.

For more information on "Perspectives: Volume 50" and to access the online version, interested readers are encouraged to visit the journal's webpage hosted by California State University, Los Angeles.  Read Perspectives: Volume 50