Cal State LA Mellon Mays Fellowship Application

The application portal for the 2023-24 academic year is open. Applications received after March 15, 2023 will only be considered if positions remain available.

Check your major(s) (if you cannot find your major here, you may not qualify for this program)
I agree to allow NSS administrators to print a copy of my transcript to share with MMUF recruitment committee
If you do not agree, please email your transcript to [email protected]
A 500-word personal essay describing your (a) research interest in your discipline, (b) your interest in career goal of going to a Ph.D. program and become a professor in your desired specialty, (c) how the MMUF Program would help you accomplish your goals, and (d) your commitment to fully engage in all aspects of MMUF activities, including research development, regular attendance at conferences, meetings, workshops, summer internships (sometimes off campus), etc. ***Feel free to copy the 500-word essay from Word and paste in box***