Undergraduate Advisement

Undergraduate Student Advisement

Advisement is an essential component of successful and timely academic achievement. Students are strongly advised to seek advisement at the beginning of their program through the NSS Advisement Center and and at least once each academic year. All on-duty faculty members in the Department of Biological Sciences are available for advisement regarding academic requirements for the major, choosing an option, course selection, and career opportunities in the biological sciences during faculty office hours. You can use Department Research page to see faculty members grouped by research related to each of the BS degree options.

Students nearing graduation should make an appointment with the Principal Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Hyunsook Park. You can make an appointment with the Principal Undergraduate Advisor and any other full-time faculty member through the Biological Sciences Department Office in person or over the phone.

Roadmaps to Graduation

Graduation Roadmaps are suggested academic plans designed to inform students about the sequence of courses needed to satisfy degree requirements. Four-year roadmaps are provided for freshman who are attending college full-time. Two-year roadmaps are also provided for transfer students who have satisfied all the general education requirements before coming to Cal State LA.


Four-Year Roadmap for Biology Option

Four-Year Roadmap for Ecology, Evolution, and Environment Option

Four-Year Roadmap for Microbiology Option

Four-Year Roadmap for Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Option

Four-Year Roadmap for Physiology Option

Roadmap for GE-Certified BIOL BS Transfer Students 

For catalog years prior to 2021, contact the Principal Undergraduate Advisor for the roadmaps.