10th Anniversary Celebration

The 2020-21 academic year marked the 10-Year Anniversary of the Honors College, and although we could not host an in-person event to acknowledge our alumni, faculty, and staff for their contributions to our successes, we were able to offer three virtual events in celebration. Please enjoy the videos below for each of the events.

Event announcement Honors College 10th anniversary Thursday, November 19, 2020

10th Anniversary Celebration

To kick off our 10th-anniversary celebration of Cal State LA’s Honors College gathered alumni, faculty, friends, family, and colleagues of the Honors College and the Early Entrance Program. We reflected on a remarkable first decade of accomplishments and memories, and look ahead at what’s to come. 

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COVID as a Catalyst for Transformation Forum

"COVID as a Catalyst for Transformation" was an interactive forum featuring distinguished Honors College and EEP alumni panelists who will draw on their varied professional and personal experiences to reflect on the future in light of our recent experiences with COVID-19.

The forum covers a range of topics such as the impact of COVID on the medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries; and the interwoven issues of social justice, education, and economic and constitutional implications.

Making a Difference Through Inclusive Leadership

Making a Difference through Inclusive Leadership

During "Making a Difference through Inclusive Leadership", panelists with different perspectives on inclusive leadership engaged in conversation about the importance of leadership development as a lifelong process. How can business leaders address the challenges our society faces? What does it mean to have an inclusive approach to leadership? What is needed to better prepare students for the "real world"? These questions and more will be unpacked with examples from major companies and tools you can use whether you are a student, professional, or community member. Dr. Alison McCurdy, Associate Director of the Honors College, moderated the conversation.

For additional information on this topic, the following resources were shared by our panelists