* Honors College Steering & Curriculum Committee, member

Rev. 3/24/2022


Arts and Letters

Kamran Afary Communication Studies
Frances Chee* Communication Studies
Jennifer Hicks English
Julie Matos Communication Studies
David Pitt Philosophy
Jeannette Vaught Liberal Studies

College of Business and Economics

Devika Hazra* Economics & Statistics

Engineering, Computer Science and Technology

Tonatiuh Rodriguez-Nikl* Civil Engineering

Ethnic Studies

Aminah Bakeer Abdul-Jabbaar Pan-African Studies
Jose Anguiano Chicana(o) & Latina(o) Studies
Sun-Hee Yoon Asian & American Studies




Health and Human Services

Allison Fuligni* Child & Family Services
Robin Marbelle Child & Family Services

Natural and Social Sciences

Martin Adamian* Political Science
Jeremy Busacca Political Science
Cynthia Cardona History
Sam Chyau Mathematics
Giovanni Hortua History
James Rudd* Chemistry & Biochemistry
Melanie Saldana Anthropology
Matthias Selke Chemistry & Biochemistry
Kate Sullivan Anthropology
Scott Wells* History