Business Procedures

Petty Cash is reimbursed daily during regular business hours. When preparing your petty cash reimbursement, please make sure you have included the following items:

  • Department Name
  • 2 Signatures, preparer and approving authority
  • Original dated sales receipt (within 30 days)
  • 28 digit PeopleSoft number to be charged.

Petty Cash reimbursements will be made to employees only with proper identification.

  • The employee signing the petty cash must be present and have their employee I.D. Card.
  • Student Assistants are not allowed to Petty Cash any items.
  • Memorandums will not be accepted.

Petty cash purchases may not exceed $50.00 per day per vendor per receipt.

Items that cannot be reimbursed from the Petty Cash fund are those which are available from Campus Stores, postage, gasoline, hospitality items (e.g., flowers, food, name tags, decorations, etc.), taxi fare, parking fees, telephone charges, or items which require University authority.

Please contact One-Stop Financial Services at (323) 343-3630 if you have any questions.

Petty Cash Procedure

Petty Cash Form