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How to Register for Classes

STEP 1: Pay your tuition fees

STEP 2: View your enrollment appointment

  • Log into your GET Student Center to view your Enrollment Appointment.
  • Click on "Details" for the date and time of your appointment to register for classes.
  • For step-by-step instruction, check out this GET guide.

STEP 3: Clear any holds

  • Clear any holds you may have by contacting the department that placed the hold before registering for classes.
  • Remember that all students must complete the Not Anymore training.

STEP 4: Check your Academic Requirements and/or review your Degree Planner

STEP 5: Select your classes

  • Use the Schedule Planner in the GET Student Center! It will help you create a class schedule specific to your needs and you can upload it straight to your GET Shopping Cart.
  • Watch our Schedule Planner tutorial.

STEP 6: Register