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Meet the Team


Assistant Director M. Contreras

Martha Contreras
Associate Director, Educational Opportunity Program
(323) 343-3229 | [email protected]


Assistant Director S. Wilson

Steven Wilson
Assistant Director,  EOP
(323) 343-3366 | [email protected]


A person with long hair smiling.

Jennifer T. Luo
Assistant Director,  EOP Admissions & Outreach
(323) 343-3204 | [email protected]


EOP Counselors

Gregorio Alcantar

Gregorio Alcantar
EOP Counselor
(323) 343-3368 | [email protected]


A person smiling slightly.

Daniela Anzueto Pineda
EOP Counselor
(323) 343-3223 | [email protected]


A person wearing an Educational Opportunity Program polo shirt.

Veronica Carrero
EOP Counselor
(323) 343-3418 | [email protected]


T. Maxwell

Tanya Maxwell
EOP Counselor
(323) 343-3412 | [email protected]


J. Munoz

Jeffrey Muñoz-O'Laughlin
EOP Counselor/SAS Coordinator
(323) 343-3965 | [email protected]


A person smiling.

Mary Price
EOP Counselor
(323) 343-3372 | [email protected]


Ricardo Ramos

Ricardo Ramos
EOP Counselor
(323) 343-6037| [email protected]



Ivonne Diaz

Ivonne Diaz
Coordinator, Academic and Educational Support Programs
(323) 343-5136 | [email protected]


Ivonne Diaz

Patricia Pavon
Coordinator, Admissions
(323) 343-3214 | [email protected]


person smiling

Diana Matamoros
Administrative Assistant, Educational Opportunity Program
(323) 343-3205 |[email protected]


Brigido Acuna

Brigido Acuna
Administrative Assistant, Educational Opportunity Program
(323) 343-4367 | [email protected]