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Common Registration Error Messages Received on the GET System

Below is an image of the "Add Classes" page found under the Student Center. Use this document to understand the errors you may receive during your registration process.

Error message screen capture

Using the chart shown below you will be able to locate the "Error" message, the description of the "Error" message, what it means and what you should do to resolve the error.


Error Message

What it Means

What a student can Do

Class not in active status.

This course is not currently accepting enrollment. It may be a new course that is being added or a course that is in the process of being cancelled.

Contact the department for more information regarding the course status.

Department Consent needed to Enroll in Class, add not processed

The department has restricted enrollment in this course to only those students who have department permission to register.

If you meet the criteria for enrollment in the course, you may contact the department to obtain an electronic permit to enroll. Only the department offering the course may issue a permit.

Hold on record, Add not processed

There is a registration hold on your record preventing your from enrolling in classes.

You can view holds by logging into Eagle i-View, selecting "Personal Portfolio" and then "Holds." You must contact the department that has placed the hold on your record in order to waive or clear the hold in order to have the ability to register

Multiple Enrollment not allowed for course, add not processed

You are already enrolled in another section of the same course.

You are permitted to be enrolled in only one section of a course per quarter. If you would like to retake a course, you may enroll in that course in a subsequent quarter. Please be advised that re-enrollment in a course previously taken may be subject to the Course Repeat Policy. Contact your department for more information.

Not Enrolled, class full

The class has reached its enrollment capacity. Additional students are not permitted to enroll at this time

You may select another section (if available) or attend class on the first day. (*At the discretion of the professor, students who attend the first class meeting may be given permission to enroll if previously enrolled students fail to attend)

Tuition and fees payment error or you exceeded the number of units approved for registration.

This error message can mean one of two things: (1) There is a fee discrepancy (meaning your fees have not yet posted to your account) or (2) You are attempting to enroll in more units than the maximum amount allowed, which is 18 units for undergraduate students and 16 units for graduate students.

(1) Tuition and fees must be paid 3 working days prior to your registration date. If your fees have not yet posted to you account, you will not be permitted to register. Contact the Cashier's Office if you believe there is a fee payment discrepancy. (2) A student who wishes to take more units than the maximum allowed may obtain an "Excess Unit Memo" from their department, and then submit that memo to the Office of Enrollment Services, Admin. 146 in order to enroll in additional units.

Requisites not met for Class, not enrolled

This class has been limited by the department to allow only those students to enroll who have met specific criteria.

If you believe you have met the necessary criteria to enroll in a class but are still receiving this message, you may contact the department for a permit to override the listed prerequisites

Time Scheduling Conflict for class "12345" and "23456", not enrolled

A scheduling conflict exists with a class the student is currently enrolled in.

You may select another section that does not overlap, OR a time conflict memo with instructor consent may be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Services, Admin. 146.