Admission to the Program

Eligibility requirements

  1. A BA or BS from an accredited university
  2. A 2.75 grade point average in the last 60 semester or 90 quarter units
  3. Meet English Language Proficiency if the Bachelor's degree was not earned at an accredited college/university where English is the only language of instruction.

Documents you need to have ready when you apply

  1. Current resume or vita (2 pages maximum)
  2. Two letters of recommendation from university faculty or professional references - you will need your recommenders' email address -
  3. Unofficial transcripts (bachelors degree and any universities attended after you received your BA or BS) - current or former Cal State LA students still need to submit unofficial transcripts
  4. Personal Statement - provide no more than a one page response to each of the following:
    • A statement of career purpose that describes your reasons for pursuing the M.A. in Educational Technology.
    • What are your previous experiences with technology in your work and personal life?
    • What strengths do you bring that will enable you to be successful in this program?

Note: Even though you may be a current student at Cal State LA you must still follow these steps.

Submitting Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts

What is an unoffical transcript?

  • a pdf of your transcript taken from a website (like GET)
  • a scanned copy of a transcript - which was probably official transcript until the seal was broken on the envelope


How do I scan my transcript if I don't own a scanner?

  • many phone cameras have the scan option in them
  • Adobe scan phone app
  • PhotoScan phone app
  • or look in your phone's app store for scanner apps


Official Transcripts

All the information about sending transcripts and how to send them can be found on the Submitting Documents page. They have a drop down menu to help you find the information. There are instructions for submitting electronic transcripts and make sure to look for the 'Where to send/submit academic documents for Admissions' drop down.

How much will it cost?

Tuition costs can be found at the Student and Finance Serice Center. Once you're on the Student and Finance Service Center page, the menu on the left will direct you to the current fees for the semesters listed.

Application Steps

Grads at graduation

Step 1 Apply

Apply for admission on the Cal State Apply website. Choose the semester you are appling for. Make sure that you meet all admissions deadlines. Here is a getting started tutorial.

Two male graduates

Step 2 Let us know

After you have completed the Cal State Apply application fill out the Application completed form.

Grad students at graduation

Step 3 Email

Email Dr. Javeri to complete your program plan form.

For further information, contact the Division of Applied and Advanced Studies in Education, King Hall C2098. Phone:  (323) 343-4330 AASE Website



Educational Technology Program