E-Learning and New Media Design

E-Learning and New Meida Design MA Track 2 finish in 3 semesters completely online

The M.A. in Educational Technology Track 2: E-Learning and New Media Design program at Cal State LA prepares school or industry-based specialists who combine skills in applying computer technology with advanced video and multimedia techniques to develop e-learning for students at all levels. Cohorts are formed every Spring Semester.

Those who complete this program are prepared to work as teachers who use media and technology, as online educators, as technology trainers in corporations, or as managers of educational media facilities in schools or other educational and training settings. Teachers or trainers who wish to become experts in developing e-learning media and incorporating media and online teaching into their classrooms, schools or corporations should consider this program.

In order to prepare well-rounded e-learning designer the program provides instruction in several areas, including: instructional media and curriculum design, authoring tools, online teaching and learning,  and educational foundations and research. Note: Teachers who plan to teach in public California K-12 classrooms or work as school-level computer coordinators must obtain a California teaching credential.

In addition to earning your MA in Educational Technology Track 2: E-Learning and New Media Design you will also complete the courses necessary for a Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning (a separate CSU Apply application is required).

New cohorts begin every Spring Semester

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What our grads are saying about our program:

This program helped me discover a new career field for myself that is a perfect combination of education, design, and technology. I was able to get a job in the field before I even finished my last semester. Take care everyone and never stop learning! - Jessica Bradt, Spring 2020


There is no program that could have better prepared us for the future of our field with hands-on work and the best professors. - Christian Caceres, Spring 2020

The MA in Education in E-Learning and New Media Design program has prepared me to be able to go into any environment and be able to create instructional material for different learners.  It has shown me different technology tools and when it would be best to use them. I loved that this program allowed me to use my creativity and showed me new ways to do it. What stood out even more about the program is the care and support that was given to my classmates and I along the way.  I was very nervous to start an MA program but the professors made sure to guide us and encourage us throughout the way.  If it wasn’t for the professors and support from my friends and family it would’ve been very hard to graduate during a pandemic. Thank you! - Evelyn Chicas, Spring 2020

Sample Semester Cohort Schedule

This is an online program - all courses online only


  • EDIT 4300 Information Technologies in the Classroom  (3)
  • EDIT 4510 Introduction to Educational Technology (3)
  • EDFN 5000 Evaluation of Educational Research (3)
  • EDIT 5600 Educational Web Design and Development (3)


  • EDIT 5030 Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning (3)
  • EDIT 5040 Instructional Design for Online Teaching and Learning (3)
  • EDIT 5050 Authoring Tools for Online Delivery and Universal Design for Learning (3)
  • EDIT 5060 Learning Communities and Pedagogies in Online Teaching Learning (3)


  • EDIT 5540 Immersive Technologies (3)
  • EDIT 5630 Introduction to Human Performance Technology (3)
  • EDIT 5800 Artificial Intelligence in Educational Technology (3)
  • EDIT 5900 Educational Technology Portfolio Project (3)
  • EDFN 5960 Comprehensive Examination (0)

* The program information sheet is to aid in your planning. Make sure to check the University Catalog for the most up to date degree requirements.


E-Learning and New Media Design Program