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Fall 24 Applications

Fall 24 Certificate in Computer Applications in Schools (hybrid) applications now open.

Please contact Ana Zambrano with any questions.

Certificate in Computer Applications in Schools. Fall semester start dates

The post-baccalaureate credit certificate program in Computer Applications in Schools is designed to prepare teachers to use computers in their classrooms and to take leadership roles in their schools. Those who complete the program will be prepared to teach students about computers; to incorporate computers in their instruction; to select and modify instructional software; to evaluate and select hardware; to create multimedia and hypermedia and to use computers to manage classrooms and schools. Completion of this credit certificate program requires 21 units in core and elective courses with a minimum B (3.0) average.

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If you are student in the MA in Educational Technology Track 1: Educational Technology Leadership program, the courses required for this certificate are completed as part of your MA degree (a separate CSU Apply application is required).

Requirements for the Certificate (12 units)

Core (6 units)

  • EDIT 4300 - Information Technologies in the Classroom [3]
  • EDIT 4840 - Instructional Technology Authoring Tools [3]

Directed Electives (6 units)

*Note: EDIT 5600 and EDIT 5650 are recommended electives for students interested in the introductory supplementary authorization in computer science.

  • EDIT 4100 - Educational Technology for Urban Educators [3]
  • EDIT 4150 - Instructional Technology for Rehabilitation Counseling Education [3]
  • EDIT 4510 - Introduction to Educational Technology [3]
  • EDIT 4900 - Special Topics in Instructional Technology [1-3]
  • EDIT 5010 - Instructional Design Theories and Applications [3]
  • EDIT 5100 - Using Educational and Assistive Technology [2]
  • EDIT 5540 - Video Technology in Education [3]
  • EDIT 5560 - Technology Leadership and Innovative Learning Systems in Schools [3]
  • EDIT 5600 - Educational Web Design and Development [3]  *
  • EDIT 5620 - Current Technologies [3]
  • EDIT 5630 - Introduction to Human Performance Technology (HPT) [3]
  • EDIT 5650 - Introduction to Computer Programming and Data Structure for Educators [3]  *
  • EDIT 5800 - Applied Experiences in Educational Technology [3]
  • EDIT 5940 - Selected Studies in Instructional Technology [1-3]

The program information is to aid in your planning. Make sure to check the University Catalog for the most up to date degree requirements. 


Computer Applications in School Certificate