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Early Start 2022

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The CSU’s Summer 2022 Early Start Program (ESP) is aimed to better prepare students in math and English before the fall term of their first year of college, improving students' chances of completing a baccalaureate degree. The summer Early Start Program is required for students needing support in these areas as determined by the CSU systemwide placement standards (standardized tests and high school coursework). Admitted freshmen should check their Cal State LA email for important information regarding their participation.

Classes begin Tuesday, June 14 for ESM 1090/90, ESM 1082/82, first session of ESM 1005 and first session of ESC 210. Students should check their email for first day instructions. 

Please fill out an ESP Appeal form to let us know why you did not attend Early Start.

Important Dates: Last day to declare for Early Start: June 1

First Session
ESM1082 & ESM1090
First Session
ESM1005 & ESC210
Second Session 
Second Session 
Last Day to enroll: June 9  Last Day to enroll: June 9  Last Day to enroll: July 6  Last Day to enroll: July 13

Steps To Enroll for Early Start Courses:

  1. Log in to your MyCalStateLA portal. Click on the GET icon. Select ‘Self-Service’, then go to ‘Student Center’.
  2. Click on the ‘Early Start Program’ link under the Academics (upper left). This is where you will confirm your Early Start participation and see if you qualified for the fee-waiver.
  3. After selecting Cal State LA, you will be directed to a confirmation page. Click ‘Confirm Early Start Selection(s)’ and you should be redirected to make your final confirmation where a link to ‘Enroll in Early Start’ will appear.
  4. Review the information regarding your course requirements options from this letter.
  5. Select the 'Enroll in Early Start Program' button located at the bottom of the page. A Financial Aid Waiver pop-up message may appear informing you of the financial aid waiver eligibility.
  6. You should now be on the 'Add Classes' page. Click on the green ‘Search’ box to continue.
  7. In the subject box, enter the appropriate course to add, ESC for English or ESM for math. In the box right below, enter the course number —for example, 1082 or 1090. Then click ‘Search’. 
  8. A list of courses should appear with a green circle indicating that the course is open, and seats are available. Make the selection that best fits your schedule. 'Select’ the course and then click ‘Next’ to continue. 
  9. Review your selection and 'Proceed to Step 2 of 3'. Select 'Finish Enrolling'. A financial aid message may appear again reminding you if you qualified for the waiver.
  10. For ESM 1082 or ESM 1090, repeat the steps starting from #6 to enroll in the support course ESM 82 or ESM 90. Make sure you add the same section as the lecture. For example – ESM 1090-02 & ESM 90-02.

Students requesting accommodations, please visit OSD Registration or contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (323) 343-3140.

Course Description

ESM 1090 and ESM 90: Early Start Quantitative Reasoning with Statistics (8 weeks)  

ESM 1090 and ESM 90 are for incoming freshmen who are majors of non-stem. It is an introduction course in statistics and data analysis and interpretation using quantitative reasoning and mathematical concepts, including descriptive and inferential statistics and analysis methods for understanding basic research data, with real life applications in the contexts of education and human services. Students in ESM 1090 must also enroll in ESM 90, a co-requisite course designed to provide students with additional support. Classes will be held in-person.

Course Credit: Passing ESM 1090 will confer 3 units of college credit and fulfill the GE Block B4 requirement. ESM 1090 is graded ABC-/NC. ESM 90 does not carry college credit or count towards the degree and is graded CR/NC.

ESM 1082 and ESM 82 Early Start Precalculus: Functions (8 weeks)  

ESM 1082 and ESM 82 are for incoming freshmen who are in majors that require Precalculus or Calculus. This includes most STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) majors. The content of ESM 1082 is that of a standard Pre-Calculus Functions class (basic functions, exponential and logarithmic functions; polynomials and rational functions; sequences including arithmetic and geometric series).  Students in ESM 1082 must also enroll in 82, a co-requisite course designed to provide students with additional support.  Classes will be held in-person.

Course Credit: Passing ESM 1082 will confer 3 units of college credit and fulfill the GE Block B4 requirement. ESM 82 does not carry college credit or count towards the degree. 

ESM 1005 Early Start Quantitative Reasoning in Today's World (2 weeks)   

ESM 1005 is for incoming first-year students. The content of ESM 1005 includes approaches to problem solving in quantitative reasoning and critical analysis of quantitative information in everyday life. This summer’s ESM sections will emphasize practical financial literacy problems relevant to students beginning their college career. Classes will be held in-person. Passing ESM 1005 will meet the Early Start requirement and counts for one unit of baccalaureate credit. The course is graded CR/NC.

ESC 210 Early Start Composition (3 weeks)  

Early Start Composition 210 (ESC 210) is a 3-week summer course designed to prepare entering first-year students for success in their college writing classes. In this course, you’ll develop your writing strengths through active learning and reflection. Working with a supportive professor and peer group, you’ll have an opportunity to explore new strategies for critical reading, research, and writing to build a strong foundation for the work you’ll do in your future college courses. Instruction will be held in-person and on-line. Passing ESC 210 will count for a 1-unit of baccalaureate credit. The course is graded CR/NC.  

How Much Does ESP Cost?

  • The cost is $191 per unit plus a mandatory one-time fee of $1 for Health Facilities and $1 for the Student Union. Eligible financial aid applicants with an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of $6,000 or less may be eligible for a fee waiver of the per-unit ESP fee. Upon registration, a pop-up window will inform students if they qualify for the waiver.

  • Refund Procedure and Proration Schedule, visit the One-Stop Financial Services Office website.

  • To pay online, please log on to your MyCalStateLA student portal and select CASHNet from the Quick Launch menu. You can also access CASHNet directly here.


Parking Information/ Campus Map

Early Start students enrolled for ESM 1082 or ESM 1090 will receive an email from Parking & Transporation services with information on how to obtain a parking permit (purchase optional).
Early Start students enrolled in ESM 1005 or ESC 210 will need to purchase daily permits through PayByPhone or can purchase a 30-day permit. 

Please note: It is the responsiblity of all drivers to know and under stand the University parking rules and regulations. Parking regulations are enforced 24-hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. Please obey all posted signs and/or curb markings. Please click here for more information about parking regulations. Click here for campus map.

Contact Us

For more information regarding Early Start, please email us at [email protected]

ESP may be completed at any CSU campus, however, we strongly recommend you attend Early Start at Cal State Los Angeles.