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Center for Academic Success

The Center for Academic Success is now open!

After-Hours Tutoring is available. Please note that there is a three-hour weekly limit when using After-Hours Tutoring.

Succeeding Together

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) is available to all students at Cal State LA. Our outstanding staff and tutors support your academic growth. No degree is completed without the help of others and without environments that serve your unique needs.

Our Services


Peer tutors are available for multiple courses. You can review course concepts and work on problems and processes with your tutor. We can help you succeed. 

PLUS Program

PLUS Sessions are extra support for those enrolled in quantitative reasoning. 

Peer Leader Program

The Peer Leader program at California State University, Los Angeles, in partnership with Peer Forward, a national student success organization, connects selected incoming first-year students with students who have successfully navigated the college experience.  Our Peer Leaders engage with an incoming cohort to ensure their students find belonging at Cal State LA and understand how to enjoy their first year at university.  Building on academic research and best practices, Peer Leaders follow a S.O.A.R curriculum specifically designed to engage and welcome students starting out on this important educational journey

Study Skills Workshops

CAS offers workshops, presentations, and events on topics such as time management, college readiness, test taking tips, and writing strategies. Event details are posted on our website

After-Hours Tutoring

You may access online tutoring services through NetTutor. NetTutor covers many subjects and is available on the weekends and evenings. The instructions show you how to access NetTutor.


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