Student Aspirations

First-Time, First-Year Fall 2019 Cohort

Students at library

Graduate Degree

59% Very Important
35% Important

Respondents said attending college was important to them because they plan to pursue a graduate degree.

Family at Graduation

Life Balance

48% Very Important
48% Important

Respondents said dealing with non-academic responsibilities (work, family, etc.) is important to them.

Student in Bioscience Lab

Academic Excellence

74% Very Important
25% Important

Respondents said achieving academic excellence is important to them.

Student in front of research posterboard

Research in Practice

36% Very Important
36% Important

Respondents said conducting research that addresses social needs is important to them.

Student at Food Bank

Community Service

46% Very Important
50% Important

Respondents said giving back to the community is important to them.

Male Grad Students

Timely Graduation

82% of students said they expect to complete their bachelor's degree in four years or less.