Inclusive Excellence


Inclusive Excellence at Cal State LA

With a $1 million grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) the campus HHMI Leadership Team comprised of faculty from across various colleges is working in collaboration with the AAC&U Inclusive Excellence Commission and the Center for Urban Education to create and develop a culture that supports our Strategic Priority Area of becoming a Welcoming and Inclusive Campus.

The leadership team is currently focusing on three primary areas:

  1. Equity Mindedness and Inclusive Pedagogy via faculty professional development activities with a focus on race and ethnicity – A collaboration with USC's Center for Urban Education and our own Center for Effective Teaching and Learning (CETL)
  2. Sci-CAFÉ: A web-based portal and App that will be a resource hub and community of practice tool for all students and faculty.
  3. Institutional Change: Review of policies and procedures that inadvertently serve as barriers to the success of students of minoritized populations.

(Updated August 26, 2020)

Out of precaution for the coronavirus our spring workshops will continue in the fall with a New Fall Cohort in Oct/Nov.

Spring 2020 Cohort

Fridays 10a-1p 
9/11, 9/18, 9/25 and 10/9

New Fall Cohort FLP Starting Fall 2020:

Tentative Time: 10AM-1PM Location: Zoom

Tentative Dates:

Fridays - 11/6 - 12/04 (Except Thanksgiving Week)