STEM Pedagogy

We will incorporate effective practices for STEM instruction currently being carried out at other institutions. For example, some members of our HHMI IE Leadership Team have already received training from UC Berkeley's Center for Teaching and Learning through its Transforming STEM Teaching Faculty Learning Program (FLP). 

The following information on this program can also be found here

The goal of UC Berkeley's FLP is to improve student achievement in STEM undergraduate courses. The program has the following objectives:

  • Deepen faculty’s understanding of how people learn
  • Change teaching behavior to support student learning
  • Engage STEM faculty in habits of reflection
  • Nurture a tradition of continued learning about teaching
  • Build a faculty learning community

Part I: Focus and activities

  • Explore and discuss current research on how people learn and how to support learning
  • Try out and become familiar with teaching routines for active learning in your classes
  • Re-design an existing course (or unit or activity) that applies research and practices on supporting learning

Part II: Focus and activities

  • Apply research on learning and teaching into redesigned course
  • Learn and practice skills in observing and providing feedback on teaching
  • Reflect on one’s teaching practice through peer observations with peers