HHMI Leadership Team

Krishna Foster
Professor and Program Director
Phone/Ext: 323-343-3855
[email protected]

Kirsten Fisher
Assoc. Professor and Biology Liaison
Phone/Ext: 323-343-2089
[email protected]

Marla Parker
Asst. Professor and Sci-CAFE/Cultural Competency Co-Lead
Phone/Ext: 323-343-2248
[email protected]

Gaithri Fernando
Professor and Assessment Lead
Phone/Ext: 323-343-2260
[email protected]

Tina Salmassi
Professor and IHE Lead
Phone/Ext: 323-343-2065
[email protected]

Nancy Warter-Perez
Professor and ECST Liaison
Phone/Ext: 323-343-5927
[email protected]

Alison McCurdy
Associate Director, Honors College and Honors College Liaison
Phone/Ext: 323-343-2963
[email protected]

Valerie Talavera-Bustillos
Professor and Ethnic Studies Liaison
Phone/Ext: 323-343-2197
[email protected]

Michael S. Joseph
Asst. Professor of Kinesiology and HHS Liaison
Phone/Ext: 323-343-4580
[email protected]