Guidelines for Cal State LA Student Organization Officer Changes

To begin the organization officer transition, the organization's President must first complete the Organization Officer Change Form. 

Note: If the President is transitioning out of office, the Vice President will complete this form.   

You may decide to choose change officers for any of the following reasons:  

  • A current officer is ineligible and can no longer hold an officer position. 
  • A current officer does not wish to fulfill their role any longer. 
  • A current officer cannot fulfill their role as outlined in their organization's constitution and bylaws.  

The officer transition WILL NOT be finalized until the incoming officer completes the following tasks, and the organization's officer roster is updated on Presence:   

  1. Complete the Officer Acknowledgement Form   
  2. Complete ODC training (For President and/or Treasurer transitions only)  

The incoming officer must complete all necessary forms within one week (7 business days) of submitting the Organization Officer Change form.  

Filling out this form does not finalize the organization officer transition, and CSI will notify via email once the officer transition has been approved. 

For questions or more information on these guidelines, please contact CSI at [email protected] or 323-343-5110.