Meet the Staff

Office of the Dean of Students


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 Dr. Blanca Martinez-Navarro

 Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students
 323.343.3103 |  [email protected]


Frangelo Ayran

 Dr. Frangelo Ayran

 Senior Associate Dean of Students
 323.343.3103 | [email protected]


Isis Stansberry

 Dr. Isis Stansberry

 Associate Dean of Students: Community Care
 323.343.3103 | [email protected]

Robert Yonemoto

 Robert Yonemoto, Jr.

 Director of Student Support
 323.343.3812 | [email protected]

Jessica Vera smiling.

 Jessica G. Vera
 Coordinator of Food and Housing Security

 323.343.3116 |  [email protected]

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 Dr. Alexandra Collyer

 Director of Student Initiatives
 323.343.3121 |

Estefany Bahena

 Estefany Martinez

 Administrative Assistant to the Associate VP/Dean of Students
 323.343.3103 | [email protected]

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 Letty Ybarra-Romero

 Administrative Coordinator
 323.343.3103 | [email protected]

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 Hayley Flores
 Administrative Assistant

 323.343.3103 |