Academic Internship for Credit


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Academic Internships for Credit


An academic internship is a work-learning partnership between a student, the university, and a host company or organization that bears a direct relationship to a student's major and professional goal.

 In some cases either the student or employer requests that the student receive academic credit for an internship.  Students may receive credit if the student and employer meet specific requirements. 


Employer Requirements

Employers requesting that students receive course credit are expected to establish a contractual relationship with the university and to hire multiple interns during a 5 year period.  The university will not provide credit if the employer does not comply with the university requirements.  The requirements include


  • Providing proof of insurance
  • Completing an informational survey and be willing to have an inspection of the work environment
  • Sign an agreement


Students who have been offered an internship that requires course credit need to work with the Placement Services office to verify that the employer is already a partner or to learn how to establish a partner relationship.  All new employer partnership agreements require at least 1 month to process.  Information on the process can be found here.


Student Requirements

CBE students must work with Placement Services, get the approval from their Department Chair and complete the necessary paperwork 1 month prior to the start of the new semester to get course credit.

At Cal State LA, academic internships are credit-bearing. Students enrolled in an internship course and complete course requirements. The number of units/credit you receive depends on the number of hours you complete at your internship site.

1 unit = 40-60 hours

2 unit = 80-100 hours

3 unit = 120-150 hours

Download: Academic Internship for Credit

requirements. The number of un