Undergraduate Programs

The Economics major prepares students for positions in business and government, involving areas such as finance, labor, transportation, international trade, banking, and regulation.  A major in economics also provides a foundation for teaching at the college or high school level, and for entry into graduate school or law school.  An economics major can earn either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree or Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA).

Within the BA degree, the Economics department offers two options:

  • Applied Economics provides students with more specialized training in economics. It is recommended for those interested in a career that requires applied business and economics skills.
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences serves students with interdisciplinary interests in economics and other areas of social and behavioral sciences.

Within the BSBA degree, the Economics department offers the Business Economics option.

  • Business Economics conveys analytical and quantitative skills needed by consulting firms, businesses and government agencies.


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