Each standing committee has elected faculty members, student members, and an administrator serving ex officio as executive secretary. The subcommittees are similarly staffed.

The Nominations Committee

  • Makes faculty appointments to committees for University representation
  • Ensures more effective faculty governance by overseeing committee assignments

The Educational Policy Committee

  • Recommends policy on all instructional issues
  • Establishes a process for the continuous review and evaluation of instructional programs
  • AIRS Subcommittee

The Faculty Policy Committee

  • Recommends policy on matters concerning faculty not specifically reserved to the bargaining unit and in accordance with the Affirmative Action Plan
  • Reviews the collective bargaining agreement and informs the Senate of conflicts between the Agreement and University policy
  • Monitors the effectiveness of faculty hiring in the University, including the part-time/full-time faculty ratio and the projected need for full-time faculty

The Fiscal Policy Committee

  • Provides recommendations regarding the budget planning and allocation process
  • Reviews the President's annual budget, the Academic Affairs annual budget, and the fiscal implications of pertinent planning documents
  • Reviews and makes recommendations regarding both local fees that have University-wide impact and the optimum utilization of resources in the achievement of University academic objectives
  • Provides advice concerning physical planning and the development and maintenance of physical facilities

The Student Policy Committee

  • Recommends policy related to student activities and student services
  • Advises the administration regarding the effect of the University's operations and policies on students

In addition, there are six special purpose committees which fall under the Senate umbrella:

  • The Outstanding Professor Awards Selection Committee, which annually determines recipients of the Outstanding Lecturer Award, Outstanding Professor Awards and the President's Distinguished Professor Award.
  • The Awards and Leaves Committee, which annually recommends award of institutional grants, grants-in-aid and recommends faculty for research and creative leaves.
  • The External Awards Nominating Committee, which annually nominates faculty members for awards external to the University for which there is a University or Presidential nomination.
  • The University Invention and Patent Evaluation Committee, which issues written decisions on whether inventions by University employees or students were made with or without the significant use or assistance of University resources.
  • The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, which maintains oversight of University animal facilities and procedures for animal care.
  • The Institutional Review Board - Human Subjects, which reviews proposed biomedical and behavioral projects involving human subjects.

For additional committee charges, please refer to the Faculty Handbook, Chapter II (/academic/senate/handbook/).