Budget Administration

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Budget Administration supports the University’s mission by providing strategic financial planning, budgetary development and budget performance monitoring services to the university's academic, administrative, operational, and auxiliary units. It provides advisory and strategic planning support to the University Resource Advisory Allocation Committee (RAAC), vice presidents, deans, resource managers and the campus community. Responsible for all aspects of the University's budget -- planning, development, implementation, management, assessment, and reporting -- Budget Administration also oversees the University’s student aid accounting and financial reporting, cash management, campus pooled investment, and banking services management.


  • SERVICE to the university community that is exceptional and exceeds expectations.
  • QUALITY IMPROVEMENT through our unwavering commitment to promoting and creating ways to improve ourselves and our services.
  • PROFESSIONALISM of conduct in a courteous, fair, and respectful manner
  • ACCOUNTABILITY for our decision, actions, and outcomes.
  • HONESTY in our work; providing fair and balanced information
  • TEAMWORK through recognition that excellence is achieved by cooperation, collaboration, and communication.
  • COURAGE to do the right thing, in the right way for the good of the university