Approved Policies AY 2016-17

AY 2016-2017


Please note: Policies in which the effective term has passed have been updated in the Faculty Handbook.

You may access the handbook by clicking on the following link:

  1. Guidelines for Approval of Credit and Non-Credit Courses to be Offered through the College of Professional and Global Education - Chapter IV (Effective Fall 2016)
  2. Recognition of Students at University Honors Convocation - Chapter IV (Effective Fall 2016)
  3. Appointments - Chapter VI (Effective Fall 2016)                                                                                                                                                                       
  4. Protection Against Misconduct in Research - Chapter VI (Effective Fall 2016)
  5. Mission of the California State University - Appendix A
  6. Internal Guidelines for Early Registration - Chapter V
  7. 5000-Level Units in Graduate Certificate Programs - Chapter IV
  8. Policy for Establishing Graduate Program Admissions Procedures - Chapter IV
  9. (Deleted) Evaluation of Faculty Active in Interdisciplinary Programs - Chapter VI
  10. (Deleted) The General Education Honors Program - Chapter IV
  11. Policy on Elections - Chapter II
  12. Additional Requirements for Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Programs - Chapter IV
  13. The Curriculum Subcommittee - Chapter II
  14. Graduate Studies Subcommittee - Chapter II
  15. The Student Policy Committee - Chapter IV
  16. (Deletion) Faculty Responsibilities - Chapter VI (Effective Spring 2017)
  17. Appointment of Administrators - Formal and Informal Consultation: Ad Hoc Advisory Committees - Chapter III
  18. Modes of Delivery - Chapter IV
  19. Academic Progress Criteria and Milestones for Undergraduate Programs - Chapter IV
  20. Early Entrance Program - Chapter IV
  21. Department/Division Chairs and School Directors - Chapter III
  22. Written English Competency Requirement - Chapter IV
  23. Study Load for Graduate Students - Chapter IV
  24. Graduate Writing Requirement (previously Postbaccalaureate Writing) - Chapter IV (Effective Fall 2017)
  25. (Deleted) Expectations Regarding English Proficiency of Faculty - Chapter VI (Effective Fall 2017)
  26. Faculty Archives - Chapter VI
  27. Faculty Perceptions of Performance of Administrators - Chapter III
  28. Personnel Information and Personnel Reports - Chapter VI
  29. Personnel Committees - Chapter VI
  30. Policy on Undeclared Majors - Chapter IV


Senate Reaffirmation of Campus Values
Post-Election Academic Senate Resolution
Senate Resolution on Incentivizing Research and Creative Activities at California State University, Los Angeles
Endorsing the SJSU's Resolution and White Paper Related to the CSU Statewide Intellectual Property Policy
Institutional Support of and Protection for Undocumented Sudents at Cal State LA