Personnel Accomplishments Report (PAR) (modification) - Chapter VI (effective Fall 2021)

Preferred Name Policy (modification) - Chapter V (effective Fall 2021)

Faculty Teaching and Supervision Records (new) - Chapter VI (effective Fall 2021)

Peer Observation of Instruction (modification) - Chapter VI (effective Spring 2022)

Continuing Student Status (modification) - Chapter V (effective Spring 2022)

Maintaining Educational Continuity in the Context of Campus Emergencies and Disasters (new) - Chapter V (effective Spring 2022)

Course Components and Instruction (modification) - Chapter IV (effective Fall 2022)

Early Registration (modification) - ChapterV (effective Fall 2022)

Criteria for Proposing Courses with Hybrid and Online-Only Components (new) - Chapter IV (effective January 2023)

Evaluation of Permanent Instructional Faculty (modification) - Chapter VI (effective Fall 2022)

Direction of Graduate Theses and Projects (modification) - Chapter VI (effective Fall 2022)


Cal State LA Academic Senate Resolution Calling for CalPERS Fossil Fuel Divestment

Resolution on the Use of Third Party Online Proctoring Systems

Resolution of No-Confidence

Recommendations, Suspensions, Optional or Exceptions for 2021-22AY

Optional Peer Observations of Instruction for the 2021-22AY

Support of Flexibility for Faculty and Students in Mode of Instruction for Spring, 2022

Optional Inclusion of Student Evaluation Reports in PAFs for Spring, 2022


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