Enrollment Planning Resources

General Planning Resources

  • 2018 - 2025 Academic Calendar
  • Semester Daily Time Modules
  • Winter/May Intersession Time Modules
  • Summer 10 week Session Time Modules
  • Summer 5 Week Session Time Modules
  • Summer Session 2021 Overview

Off-Grid Course Resources

In consultation with your Associate Deans and the Scheduling Working Group, as of Fall 2021, the off-grid exception process transitioned to a once-a-year cycle to coincide with curricular changes.  Additionally, all off-grid exception requests are submitted via Curriculog.

                     Standard Time Modules are posted in the Academic Calendars and Schedule Modules section above.

Instructional Videos

Enrollment Tools

Classroom Availability Dashboard

Please start using the Available Rooms and Scheduling Grid tools in Astra Schedule when querying classroom availability and utilization. The Available Room and Scheduling Resources webpage are available to support your use of tehse tools. You must have role based access. If you do not have access, please contact your department chair.

Scheduling Toolkit
The Scheduling Toolkit is designed to gather relevant information and resources for department chairs to help build the schedule of classes.