Academic Affairs Space Advisory Group

A space advisory group was conveneed by the provost to assist in reviewing and making recommendations for all Academic Affairs space requests before any actions are initiated by Academic Affairs colleges and departments.

The space requst form can be found in Administrative Procedure 007, pages 12 and 15. The Space Change Request (SCR) Process Map illustrates the workflow for all space change requests submitted.

For your convenience, those pages of the Space Change Request Form have been extracted from the document. If the form does not open in a fillable format, please choose "open with a different viewer" in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Please send completed Space Request Forms to Emily Acevedo, Office of Planning and Budget.

Once the AASAG reviews and approves the space change request, your request will be uploaded to DocuSign for the remaining groups to review and make a decision.

The Space Management Subcommittee (SMS) will review the space change request and make its recommendation to the President, who has the final decision. The requestor will receive a copy via Docusign indicating what their SMS Committee recommended. If the President approves the space change request the SMS Committee Chair will notify the requestor via email.

More Info

AASAG will review and recommend all requests for:

  1. New faculty offices and administrative space (administrative space includes conference rooms and other types of support space);
  2. Proposed repurposing of instructional, lab, and administrative space to other purposes;
  3. Planned reassignments of currently assigned faculty and administrative space between colleges and/or departments;
  4. Planned commitments for future space utilization related to internal and/or external partnerships, funding and other administrative, teaching, and research commitments.
  5. Major space renovations that require the services of the University Facilities Planning and Construction department.
  6. Minor space maintenance renovations in excess of $100,000 involving remodeling and tenant improvements that require the services of the University Facilities Department.

The AASAG will include the following 5 representatives:

  • One (1) faculty member
  • One (1) Associate Dean
  • The Vice Provost for Planning and Budget
  • The Director of Research and Development
  • The Director of Academic Facilities and Planning

Ad hoc participants will be invited from University Advancement, Facilities Services, and other university units as needed to review specific requests.

The AASAG will be advisory to the Provost and may be dissolved at any time that the Provost determines that its purpose has been completed and/or it is no longer necessary.  The AASAG meets monthly and may change its meeting frequency depending on volume of requests.  The Office of Planning and Budget will provide administrative support to the AASAG.