Room Type Glossary

Active Learning Room: A room set up to foster active learning, small group activities, and increase faculty and student engagement.  Each space features an instructor station with touch control panel, flat panel displays with integrated PCs at each table, and moveable whiteboards in the room. 

Activity: A room used primarily for practice/study in music, dance or physical education.

Auditorium: A room designed and equipped for the assembly of large numbers of persons for events such as dramatic and musical. Rooms typically have a multi-media audio-visual system, with seats oriented towards the front of the room.

Band: A room used primarily for practice/study in music. Specialized equipment such as musical instruments, benches and tiered floors may be present.

Clinic: A room used for the diagnosis and/or treatment of patients in a program other than medicine, student health care; includes nursing, psychology, speech and hearing, remedial reading clinics, etc.

Computer Lab: These rooms also include a multimedia projector, screen, speaker, and chalk or marker board. Rooms are equipped with a computer for each student for disciplines using computer work as a teaching activity.

Gymnasium:  A room used by students, staff for athletic/physical education activities.

Laboratory: A specially designed or equipped room used primarily for group instruction in regularly scheduled classes that requires special-purpose equipment for student participation, experimentation, observation, or practice in several related fields of study.

Research Laboratory: A room used primarily for laboratory experimentation, research, or training in research methods or professional research and observation.

Studio: A room used primarily for unscheduled practice/study in art. Specialized equipment such as easels, pottery wheels, kilns, worktables or benches or elevated platforms for models or subjects may be present.

TEC: Rooms include an instructor's station, a multimedia projector, screen, speaker, and a document camera.

TEC-Enhanced: Rooms include an instructor's station as well as a multimedia projector, screen, speaker, document camera, and the ability to live stream and/or record lectures via Panopto. 

Well-Being Classroom: The Mind Matters Well-Being Classrooms (WBC) include an instructor’s station, computer, projector, and a digital white board.  These rooms also include a moss wall, ample natural light and features that contribute to well-being and comfort, including state-of-the-art air, lighting and visual display systems.