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Department of Pan-African Studies
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Tavengwa Gwekwere
Tavengwa Gwekwere, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Office: King Hall KHA3035
Telephone: (323) 343-2288
Email: [email protected]

Tavengwa Gwekwerere holds a PhD in African Languages and Literature from the University of South Africa and an MA and a BA in the same  discipline from the University of Zimbabwe. Prior to joining the Department of Pan-African Studies, he taught at the University of Zimbabwe for over 10 years, publishing scholarly articles in the Journal of Black Studies, the Western Journal of Black Studies, Zambezia and the South African Journal of African Languages. His research interests encompass Pan-Africanism, Afrocentricity, Afrotriumphalism, African Reconstruction, the 21st century Zimbabwean novel and European critical discourse on Zimbabwean literature. He is the founding Shenuti of the Zimbabwe division of Afrocentricity International (AI), and a firm believer in the intelligence of African ancestors, the agency of African people and the possibility of an authentic African Renaissance.