Diasporic Pan-Afrikan Discourse is a conversation series hosted by the Department of Pan-African Studies at Cal State LA. It features experts in Pan-African Studies discussing Diasporic Pan-Afrikan issues and experiences in keeping with the mission of the Department of Pan-African Studies as "the intellectual arm of the revolution." The discussions in this conversation series pulsate with the ingenuity and agency of Diasporic Afrikan people and are instructive in both ongoing and impending struggles to envision and create an alternative Diasporic Afrikan future in authentic freedom and human dignity.

Upcoming Discourses

Forthcoming discourses will be listed here as soon as the information is available. Contact Jill Grayson to be notified of our next discussion.

Past Discourses

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Additional information and resources from the Bolekaja Discourse Series are on the Bolekaja Resource Page.