Institutional Effectiveness coordinates and administers a range of surveys relevant to student engagement and University strategic planning (Click to view the survey cycle). We survey entering freshmen, currently enrolled students, seniors, and alumni.

The NSSE is designed to measure student engagement, i.e., academic challenge, learning with peers, experiences with faculty, and campus environment. It targets first-year and senior students. For more information about NSSE, please visit the NSSE website.

The BCSSE measures new students' prior academic experiences and their expectations for the coming college year. The fall 2021 administration also included some questions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information about BCSSE, please visit the BCSSE website.

The survey asks questions pertaining to student values, goals, concerns about finance, and more. The overview of the CIRP Freshman Survey is available at the  UCLA CIRP Overview page.

We developed a survey for new freshmen. Similar to CIRP Freshman Survey, it assesses incoming freshmen's background, aspirations, expectations, finances, and views of themselves.

We developed a survey for new transfers. It assesses incoming transfer students' background, aspirations, expectations, finances, and views of themselves.

We developed a survey targeting graduating seniors. It assesses graduating seniors’ learning experiences, interaction with faculty members, study habits, and plans after graduation.

We developed a survey to assess our alumni's employment status, salary, and attitudes toward Cal State LA.

The Non-returner survey seeks to understand the reasons behind students not enrolling for the current semester at Cal State LA. It asks about their intentions to enroll at a later date or continue their education elsewhere and explores possible reasons for not returning. The survey also inquires whether there is any assistance Cal State LA could provide to help students return to school.

The Advising Center Advising Experience survey aims to evaluate students' satisfaction with their academic advising experience, focusing on appointment availability, advisor-student relationships, and the support provided by the advising center. It assesses advisors' involvement in students' academic and personal lives, as well as their assistance in decision-making, goal-setting, and graduation planning. Overall satisfaction with the college advising center is also measured.

The Assigned Advisor Advising Experience survey evaluates the effectiveness of academic advisors at Cal State LA by examining their availability, support for students' progress, and rapport with students. It covers aspects such as communication frequency, advisors' responsiveness, guidance in academic and career planning, referral to campus resources, and efforts to build relationships with students. Additionally, the survey assesses how well advisors promote re-enrollment and provide accurate information for staying on track to graduate.

Surveys of campus constituents (i.e., students, faculty, staff, and alumni) are recognized as an important means for collecting information to support and improve educational quality, institutional effectiveness, and student and employee experience. Survey administration, however, must be done while ensuring that campus constituents’ time and resources are respected. The following guideline establishes a procedure for managing surveys conducted on the Cal State LA campus to ensure that the redundancy and frequency of surveys are minimized and that the surveys align with our University’s mission and values.