Parents and Family Support Members

A mom smiling as she attends a Cal State LA parent program.

Parent and Family Support Orientation

As a biological or adoptive parent, legal guardian, primary caretaker, or family support member (including spouses, partners, other relatives and close friends) of a first-time freshman or new transfer student at Cal State LA, you are a highly valued member of our campus community!

This summer, we will unfortunately not be offering a dedicated parent and family support member program. But we still want you to be involved and connected! Check back on this site for additional downloadable content. You can also view and complete the Online Pre-Orientation; your student can provide you the link once they’ve selected their Remote Orientation date. We can also provide you the link by request.

A Year-Long Connection

We want to stay connected to you throughout the school year! In addition to Parent and Family Support Member Orientation, Cal State LA also offers other academic, social, and service programs, events, and opportunities for parents and families. Your direct contact information (phone number, email address) is collected from your student when they reserve their space for Orientation, and we use that information to contact you directly regarding activities geared especially towards parents and families. We NEVER share this information with any other entities outside of the University, and you can opt out of our communications at any time by sending us an email at [email protected] (your information will be permanently deleted from our database). Learn a bit more about some of our other programs and services:

Parent Academy