Eddie the Golden Eagle

Memory lane...

A live golden eagle being held by a person, alongside a blurb announcing the new Cal State LA mascot.


Formerly the Diablos, Cal State LA unveiled its new logo and mascot in 1982.

Source: University Library, California State University, Los Angeles.


Old version of Eddie the Golden Eagle at an indoor athletic event.
Source: University Library.


Old version of Eddie the Golden Eagle standing at a BBQ grill with a staff person.
Source: Office of Communications and Public Affairs

Eddie Today

Eddie the Golden Eagle pointing up at the sky.


Eddie the Golden Eagle lifts leg while posing with a student.
Eddie the Golden Eagle with arms spread out pretending to hold a rainbow.
Eddie the Golden Eagle spreads arms open while posing with students.

Guest Appearances

Eddie the Golden Eagle wearing a graduation gown, standing at a podium.

Take your department’s or club/organization's school spirit to the next level by inviting Eddie the Golden Eagle to guest star at your next on-campus event! 

Eddie the...superhero?

Winged superhero holding a pitchfork.

In 2013, Eddie started a new adventure as a comic book superhero Skywing, the mascot of Cal State LA’s very own comic book, science fiction, and fantasy convention called EagleCon

Winged superhero holding a shield.

Soon after, he was joined by his partner, the mysterious and powerful Terra Talon!