Emergency Preparedness

Welcome to the Cal State LA Emergency Preparedness Page!

"A good plan vigorously executed now is better than a perfect plan executed a week from now."
- General George S. Patton

The Cal State LA Emergency Preparedness program is responsible for ensuring the Cal State LA campus and community are prepared to respond to, and recover from, any emergency or disaster. The program consists of the following components:

The Cal State LA Emergency Operations Officer (Emergency Manager) is responsible for overseeing the Emergency Preparedness program, advising university administrators and executives on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery issues related to our campus, and ensuring compliance with Cal State University Executive Orders EO 1014 & EO 1056. The Cal State LA Emergency Executive provides final approval to all Cal State LA disaster response plans and procedures.

Who is a Disaster Service Worker?

Are you a State Employee? Then you are! Watch this video to learn about what that means and what you can do to help after a disaster strikes!


Disaster Service Worker