Environmental Health and Safety

Corporation Yard, Room 244
Phone (323) 343-3527 or 3531

Welcome to the Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Website.

The purpose of EHS is to provide the guidance, programs, training, and direction to campus shareholders (students, faculty & staff) to ensure that Cal State L.A. exhibits the highest level of environmental stewardship, and the highest degree of shareholder health & safety protection possible.

Our vision is to conduct campus activities in a manner which meets or exceeds all applicable safety, health and environmental standards. This in turn shall serve to promote the protection and preservation of human health and the environment. As a center of higher education, our mission is not only to address the immediate needs of the institution, but to provide the foundation for students in varying academic arenas to be sensitive to the EHS issues associated with their chosen professions and careers.

Visit the link to view the 2016 LADWP Drinking Quality Report.   For additional LADWP water quality information and prior year reports visit LADWP

Emergencies during working hours (7:30 AM to 4:30 PM) should be directed to extensions: 3-3527; or 3-3531. All emergencies after hours should be directed to the Public Safety Dispatcher at 3-3700. The EHS office is located in Corporate Yard 244. We here at EHS look forward in serving you, the campus and our local community.


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