Laboratory Safety Training

Minimum Laboratory Safety Training

All CalState LA laboratory workers are required to take the minimum laboratory safety training when working in a lab. Below is a list of the minimum training for working in a laboratory. Any other training available is dependent on the hazard assessment for the laboratory. Upon completion of a training please remember to download and email a copy of the certificate of completion to the Office of RMEHS.

In addition to the training, RMEHS requires all laboratories to have an updated hazard assessment, chemical inventory (if applicable), and edit laboratory members in the laboratory group on the Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS) platform. All laboratory members listed in the laboratory group in RSS are required to acknowledge the hazard assessment for that laboratory area before starting any work in the laboratory. Please reach out to RMEHS, should you require consultation or have any questions. 

Minimum laboratory safety training for laboratory workers.

Other Specialized Training

Other specialized training based on hazard assessment for laboratory area.