Cal State LA's Safety Training For Campus Laboratories and Activities

All campus community members at Cal State LA are required to take Safety Training. Those individuals who are either enrolled or work in a laboratory or activity-based setting are expected to complete the Minimum Safety Training before starting any lab work or activity. Additional training may be required if there are specific hazards associated with the laboratory that have been identified in the Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS) Hazard Assessment for the space. 

Cal State LA uses RSS for all its laboratory and activity space compliance requirements. RSS houses digital hazard assessments, chemical inventories, door hazard signs, and personnel responsible for all the potentially hazardous controlled spaces on campus. For more information on RSS please visit our webpage or contact RMEHS for help.

How to Access Training

  1. Log into MyCalStateLA.


  2. Select 'CSUBridge'.

  3. Find Training Links on the Campus Safety Training website.

  4. Select your corresponding College.

  5. Select your required training course.

    1. Example: College of Arts and Letter - Course: Global Safety Principles: Hand and Power Tool Safety

  6. Complete the training and Save your 'Certificate of Completion' for your instructor.

  1. Log into MyCalStateLA.

  2. Select 'CSULearn'.