Engineering, Computer Science, & Technology Employee Safety Training

All Cal State LA workers who either assist, provide technical support, conduct research, or teach activity-based and/or laboratory courses as a part of their job description must complete the minimum safety training. 

Required Safety Training

Below is a list of the minimum training for working in an activity-based or laboratory workplace, for any additional hazards, please take the "Additional Safety Training" based on your area's Hazard Assessment using our Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS) platform. RMEHS also requires all activity-based areas and/or laboratories to have an updated hazard assessment and chemical inventory (if applicable).

Course Name Frequency
CSU Hazard Communications Annually
CSU Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Annually
CSU Principal Investigator Responsibilities One Time
CSU Shop Safety Annually
Globally Harmonized System Annually
Hand and Power Tool Safety Annually
Safety Data Sheets Every 2 Years