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Report a Facilities Issue

If you experience a non-emergency facilities issue please send an email outlining all details of the problem to: [email protected]

Be sure to include the exact problem and the location affected. Carlos Bueno, and Mike Low will monitor this email and report issues to Facilities for resolution. Do not hesitate to submit an issue if you notice something is not working correctly. Examples of non-emergency facilities issues include:

  • Too hot/too cold
  • Small water leaks that pose no immediate risk of damage to the building or collections 
  • Toilet/sink stopped up
  • Door/window problems 
  • Burned out lightbulb 
  • Pest problems 
  • Trash clean up

If you experience an emergency facilities issue please contact Mike and Carlos immediately at  3-5232.

If you can’t reach any of them please call the First Floor Service Desk at 3-3988. Examples of emergency facilities issues include:

  • Major leaks/floods
  • Toilet/sink overflowing
  • All lights in an area not working 
  • Anything that poses a safety issue to staff or patrons

Pre-Sharepoint Intranet Archive

Need to access the old Intranet Archive?

  1. Login to the new Sharepoint (above)
  2. Go to Shared Documents > Library Organization
  3. Open the PDF file "How to access the old Intranet"  

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