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Exhibit Guidelines


Exhibits, and their associated events, are a valuable part of the University Library's outreach efforts. They should inform, educate, entertain, highlight accomplishments, provide opportunities for the public to view art and artifacts, and/or promote the Library's resources and services. Below is a comprehensive list of the detailed criteria employed by the Exhibits & Events Committee in the approval process.

Criteria for Selection

  • Exhibits should demonstrate educational and informational import, relevance to Library collections or university curriculum, and broadness of appeal.
  • Exhibits must be appropriate for the intended Library location and feasible for installation.
  • Exhibits with unique materials or artifacts, and/or a relationship to other events in the community, are preferred.
  • Exhibits must satisfy public safety considerations.
  • There is to be no charge for exhibit, i.e., no fees or money may be collected in the Library.
  • Final approval for acceptance is at the sole discretion of the University Library.

Other Requirements

  • All items to be displayed must be submitted for review 30 days in advance.
  • Exhibits must be installed during the Library's regular hours of operation, at a time pre-arranged with the Exhibits & Events Committee.
  • Exhibitors will prepare all labeling and signage for the exhibit, which will include information identifying the sponsoring individual or group. Exhibitors must obtain approval on all labeling and signage 10 business days before installation.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for the maintenance of the exhibit, including but not limited to cleaning, repairs, and adjustments, throughout its duration.
  • Exhibitors must make arrangements to remove items at the close of the exhibit. The Library reserves the right to take down the exhibit if the party responsible does not remove the items in a timely manner. The Library assumes no responsibility for items that are left behind after the exhibition has closed.
  • Exhibitors assume all responsibility for loss or damage to items. The Library does not provide insurance for exhibits and cannot be held responsible for the safety of exhibited items. Insurance coverage, if needed, is the responsibility of the exhibitor(s).
  • It is the sole responsibility of exhibitors to assure that they have acquired the necessary permissions and licenses for any use of copyrighted materials.
  • Exhibitors will not permanently alter the exhibit space and must return the exhibit area to its original condition at closing.
  • Student exhibitors must have a faculty or staff member actively overseeing the project.

Proposal Process

  1. Exhibitor reads the University Library Exhibit Guidelines.
  2. Exhibitor contacts the University Library Exhibits & Events Committee via the online Exhibit Proposal Form.
  3. University Library approves or rejects proposal in a timely manner, based on the Exhibit Criteria for selection and/or schedule. Exhibitor is contacted with result.
  4. If approved, University Library Exhibits & Events Committee forwards the Exhibit Proposal Form to Library Administration.


The following areas are currently approved exhibition areas in the University Library:

  • Library North
    • First Floor
      • Entrance
      • Cafe
      • Southwest Corner
  • Skyways
    • Second Floor
    • Third Floor
  • Library South (Palmer Wing)
    • Second Floor
      • Special Collections Exterior Lobby


Exhibitors are solely responsible for funding all costs associated with the exhibit, including but not limited to shipping, installation, dismantling, insurance, and related activities. Other arrangements require special approval.


The Library may provide publicity in the form of social media posts on institutional accounts, campus-wide emails, and space for signage in the Library facilities. Exhibitors are required to provide images or graphics for promotional use, and secure permission rights for their print and online usage. Exhibitors are responsible for publicity beyond that provided by the Library.

Professional photography and/or videography of the exhibit and related events on Library premises should be independently secured by and at the expense of the exhibitors, and high-resolution copies of any footage must be shared with the Library for archival and promotional use. Other arrangements must be discussed with the Committee prior to finalizing the proposal.

Installation and Security

Exhibits are often located in high traffic areas whose visibility reduces the likelihood of damage or theft of materials; however, the Library takes no responsibility for the security of exhibits at any time, including during transport, installation, or dismantling. Any theft loss or damage must be reported to the University Police.


Exhibits should have specific start and end dates, although the end date may be extended if the schedule allows. As a rule of thumb, exhibits should be on display for two to three months, although shorter exhibit times are permissible with prior approval. The University Library maintains the right to cancel an exhibit at any time.

Support Materials

Exhibitors are responsible for preparing the content of publications associated with their exhibit. Bibliographies, brochures, and other promotional and/or instructional materials to accompany an exhibit are strongly recommended but not mandatory. Sound, video, or computer displays accompanying exhibits will be installed and removed by exhibitors in consultation with the Committee. The Library maintains a limited supply of exhibit materials, such as tape, matboard, and book stands, for mounting exhibits and displays. Additional materials must be provided by the exhibitor.

Related Activities

Spaces in the Library may, on occasion, be available for receptions and other activities (workshops, talks, demonstrations) linked to exhibits. These should be listed in the Proposal Form at the time of application. The University Library Exhibits & Events Committee will consult the room use policy and check the schedule to see whether a reception or other activity may be held.

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