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Student Spotlight: David Zitser

November 15, 2017

ASI President
Picture of David

Major/Minor: Biochemistry and Sociology

College and Year: Natural and Social Sciences, 4th Year

What are your future career goals?
I am still unsure and trying to decide between a medical doctor or research professor.

What extracurricular activities or programs are you involved in?
In addition to ASI, I am active in the Early Entrance Program Club. I am also a part of Dr. Nissen’s research lab on campus.

What does it mean to be ASI President?
Being ASI President means that I act as the official voice of Cal State LA students and represent the students. I also give the student perspective when it comes to discussions regarding the University.

What has inspired you to reach for this goal?
ASI is a very fun learning laboratory where I have the freedom to test out my ideas and learn what it means to be a leader. Getting involved early on for me gave me a taste of that experience, so I decided to pursue the Presidency to get the full experience.

What plans or type of changes do you hope to achieve as ASI President?
Some of the major changes I want to implement as ASI President are to focus ASI on advocacy instead of programming by pushing for our college representatives to establish student councils, get students on all of our committees, and having ASI take a more active role in University discussions and debates. In addition, I want students to feel empowered by knowing that they can use ASI as a resource to see change happen on campus.

What has been your most memorable moment during this experience or while campaigning?
Some of the most memorable moments so far have been the conversations I’ve had with fellow ASI individuals on creating plans and solutions that face Cal State LA students. More specifically, debating within the committees has been pretty fun.

What has been your greatest challenge?
My greatest challenge so far is making sure that all of the people I oversee are doing their jobs well without too much conflict arising.

What tips can you give other students with similar goals?
Test out ASI by joining a committee and see if this is something you want to pursue. ASI is an excellent learning experience where you can try out the ideas you wanted to see implemented into the university.

How has this experience affected your career ambitions?
It affected my career ambitions because it taught how important it is to be civically engaged, so even though I want to go into a scientific field, I still want to be involved in my community.

What would people be surprised to know about you? 

“Seventeen and Serving” – University Times

I’m really good at submitting spotlights on time.