Meet the HPC Director

African-American man with glasses wearing a stripped black suit, blue collared shirt and red tie
Welcome to the Health Professions Center (HPC). HPC serves all Cal State LA undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni pursuing any health profession or allied health profession.  Our advisors use a holistic approach to provide support and feedback during academic and application preparation all our pre-health profession programs. You are encouraged to schedule a meeting with the HPC advisors who will work with you as you develop your application, including your personal statement and interviewing.  
Preparing for occupational therapy, dental, medical, pharmacy, optometry, physician assistant, physical therapy, veterinary medicine podiatry or other health profession programs requires more than good grades and good admission test scores. A competitive applicant must demonstrate an understanding of their chosen health profession that includes clinical experience, record of leadership, service, associated advocacy as well as an understanding of issues relevant to the health professions and health care. The “Pre-Health Profession Student Clubs” are designed to foster student involvement in meaningful activities thereby enabling the engagement of like-minded and highly motivated pre-health students who aspire to serve their communities as healthcare providers.
The Health Professions Center encourages students to become successful applicants, to demonstrate compassion, leadership, teamwork, and a commitment to academic success throughout their journey toward a health professions career. This aim is to position the viewpoint for students to be proactive and reflective during their career decision-making. The HPC is the go-to place if you are planning to pursue a health profession or allied health profession. My office shall look forward to working with you to successfully navigate your entry to the pre-health program of choice. 

Director, Health Professions Center
E-mail: [email protected]