Pre-Health Guide by Stages

Pre-Health Guide by Stages:

1st Stage - 0-30 Units

  • Focus on grades and adjusting to college
  • Register as Pre-Health
  • Attend Introduction to Health Careers Workshop
  • Meet with Pre-Health Advisor once per semester
  • Review Pre-Health prerequisites and notify your Academic Advisor that you are Pre-Health and need to include pre-requisite courses in your academic plan
  • Investigate different health careers here.
  • Explore and select your major
  • Sign up for national association newsletters (AAMC Pre-Med Navigator, GoDental, VSES Pathways, etc.)
  • Join campus clubs and/or organizations
  • Visit HPC to make a “Why I want to be a Healthcare Practitioner” Video
  • Focus on establishing strong GPA and keep track with the GPA Calculator!

2nd Stage - 30-60 Units

  • Meet with Pre-Health Advisor once per semester
  • Attend HPC Workshops and Events
  • Seek to attend a Pre-Health conference
  • Continue with Major, GE, and Pre-Health prerequisites and maintain strong GPA
  • Continue engaging in campus clubs and/or organizations and seek leadership opportunities if interested
  • Cultivate relationships with professors and supervisors who make become recommenders
  • Seek to gain experience through volunteer or paid clinical experiences

3rd Stage - 60-120 Units

  • Continue meeting with Pre-Health Advisor once per semester
  • Continue attending Drop-In Group Advising
  • Seek to gain clinical experience through volunteer or paid opportunities and seek leadership opportunities if interested
  • Seek to gain research experience
  • Seek to gain shadowing experience
  • Continue attending HPC Workshops and Events
  • Attend Pre-Health Conference
  • Continue to build relationships with Professors, supervisors and/or mentors who you would like to ask to write you a letter of recommendation

Application Stage

  • Attend Application Workshop
  • Research and select schools
  • Evaluate competitiveness with Pre-Health Advisor and determine application dates
  • Study for Entrance Exams through Self-Study or Prep-Course
  • Familiarize yourself with relevant centralized application service
  • Secure letters of recommendation
  • Schedule Mock Interview if offered an interview