Letters of Recommendation

All health professions schools require letters of recommendation.  The purpose of the letters are for admissions committees to get a sense the characteristics that are not evident through solely your metrics.  It is important to cultivate relationships with professors, supervisors and other mentors over time. Schools will likely ask for 3-4 letters.

Cultivate relationships with recommenders:

  • Visit office hours, engage in class discussions, and keep in contact after the course ends.
  • Demonstrate exemplary work ethic, and keep in contact with supervisors beyond your time in that setting.

Guidelines in asking for letters of recommendation:

  • Include two letters from science faculty, and one from a non-Science faculty.
  • Include a letter from someone who has supervised you in a work or volunteer setting.
  • If you have research experience, include a letter from whomever supervised you.
  • Ask for letters far in advance (ideally three months).
  • Share your resume and your personal statement with your recommenders.
  • Provide all the necessary details and procedures as to how and when to submit the letters.
  • It’s OK if the person you ask says no, just make sure to ask with enough time so you can secure the letters from enough recommendors.