Financial Aid Repayment Policy

Federal financial aid regulation states that if you withdraw from all of your classes or cease enrollment prior to the 60 percent point of instruction in any term, you will be required to repay all unearned financial aid funds received.  A calculation will be performed to determine the repayment amount. Students who withdraw from all classes on or before the dates listed below, will have their aid eligibility recalculated.

For the 60% point for the term, please visit the R2T4 page.

In addition, you might also be required to repay financial aid funds if there are changes in your eligibility status such as:

  • reduction in units enrolled
  • receipt of additional scholarships, stipends or other awards
  • reduction in Cost of Attendance budget

The disbursement of federal and state grants funds are based on enrollment. These funds are subject to adjustment/reduction if:

  • a student is enrolled less than full-time (12 units) at the time of disbursement
  • a student “drops” to less than 12 units after initial disbursement has been issued

Repayment of funds may be remitted to the One Stop Financial Services Office.