EOP Student and Alumni Spotlight


Cynthia Ruiz, EOP alumna

Cynthia Ruiz

"Nobody in my world had gone to college but I knew that if I wanted a different life, something other than being surrounded by gangs and drugs and all the negativity, college was my way out."

Cynthia is the owner of Cynthia M. Ruiz & Associates, a marketing consulting firm. She is also president of the Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System (LACERS) Board of Administration.

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Celina Ramirez Herrera, EOP student

Celina Ramirez Herrera

In high school, Celina's grades suffered as she coped with family instability. Initially, she didn't think college was for her and considered working a minimum wage job after high school.

Instead, she applied to Cal State LA. She is now in the Honors College and plans on going to law school. Celina is a junior majoring in sociology.

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Moyofune Shabazz, EOP alumna 

Moyofune Shabazz

When she got to Cal State LA, Moyofune Shabazz had trouble competing academically and voicing her opinions in the classroom. EOP helped her find her voice.


Moyofune has devoted her career to helping students and their families with academic, college, career and financial planning. Currently, she is an 11th grade counselor at Centennial High School in Compton.


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David Fonth, EOP alumnus

David FonthDavid Fonth learned the meaning of social mobility while working for EOP admissions. Fonth, who participated in EOP and Honors College at Cal State LA, graduated summa cum laude this year with a bachelor’s in philosophy.

"If I hadn’t been in EOP, I would not have been able to understand the meaning behind the phrase that Cal State LA is number one in social mobility. It’s beneficial nowadays, with the current political climate, to have a broader social lens.”

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