The Bylaws of the Constitution of the Emeriti Association specify the following regarding membership to the Association:

There are four classes of membership:

1.  Regular membership: open to all faculty members who are granted Emeritus status by California State University, Los Angeles. In an unusual circumstance, a retired faculty member who does not have Emeritus status may be invited to join by the Executive Committee.

2. Associate Membership: open to (a) retired University faculty members who are not eligible for Regular Membership; (b) spouses of all members and surviving spouses of deceased members; (c) adjunct faculty who have taught courses for at least ten academic years at California State University, Los Angeles; and (d) staff who have worked at least ten years in areas closely related to Academic Affairs.  Spouses and surviving spouses shall receive Associate Membership at their request and payment of appropriate dues. All other non-emeriti must be approved for Associate Membership by at least two-thirds of those voting in an Executive Committee meeting following nomination by at least two members of the Executive Committee.

3. Life Membership: open to all members upon payment of an established amount. Surviving spouses of deceased life members shall be granted complimentary non-voting Life Membership. Members in good standing shall be granted Life Membership on attaining the age of ninety.

4. Honorary Membership: awarded to any individual deemed deserving of the honor for service to education by majority vote of the Executive Committee members present.

Membership in any category is contingent upon payment of dues set for that category.