WalletHub’s Interview with CBE’s Dr. Carlin Nguyen

Carlin Nguyen


To help drivers find the best car insurance, WalletHub looked to the experts, one of whom included the CBE’s very own Dr. Carlin Nguyen. 

Below is a snippet of their Q&A. 

Which do you think is a better indicator of a good car insurance company: low rates or good customer reviews?
Good customer reviews are better. It is validation that the product is reliable. You want to make sure that you get what you are paying for.

Do you think 24/7 live customer service should be a requirement to be among the best car insurance companies?
Yes, but it should be one of many requirements when it comes to customer service. The “availability” of the service (e.g., 24/7) should be considered among the best insurance companies but it should be weighted much less compared to other factors of service such as the response time, professionalism, resolution, etc.

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