Tom Condon

Tom Condon spotlight

In 1963, Tom Condon graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in Foreign Trade & Transportation. Having no prior background in business, he found his classes stimulating and professors very supportive. It was clear to him they wanted him to succeed. 

That theme of progress and support “was fostered by the Dean of the Department, Floyd R. Simpson. He expected excellence in instruction and was extremely forward-thinking in his approach. CBE earned a good, solid reputation in the Los Angeles business community and beyond,” Tom explained.

His connections with friends comes from two different experiences while in school. He told us, “I played football on the Cal State LA team that was both competitive and successful. We have not had a reunion in a while, but a few of us still stay in touch. Through my classes and fraternity, there is another group that I consider good friends to this day. Many are successful businessmen.”

After graduation, he went from being a stockbroker to working in distribution of a Mutual Fund, and then a money manager concentrating particularly on pension plans. Throughout this career journey, he found it exciting to learn how to manage success and disappointments tied to the stock market, involving a lot of ups, downs, and hard work.

“Eventually, I was lucky enough to become a partner/owner of Provident Investment Counsel in Pasadena,” which he considers to be his greatest professional accomplishment.

Tom was previously the President of the Order of Malta in Los Angeles.  He currently serves as Ambassador of the Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands, and Kiribati.

Now that he is retired, however, “My family is the center of my life. I enjoy watching all the comings and goings of our son and daughter and their families. We are lucky enough to have four active grandchildren.”

A businessman at heart, he wants current CBE students to keep in mind, “It is most important to keep abreast of the impact of global economics on our economy and stock market. It impacts everything.”